Friday, 22 March 2013

You know it's spring in England when..........

a new crochet project with a hint of easter
 Credit must go to my friend Jody at who gave me this idea today
So when do we know it's spring in England?
"The daffy-down-dilly is come to town", still a bit shy but showing promise,
The crocus peeping up through the ground on the roundabouts in town,
Animals sunning themselves in corners of sunlight,
Thoughts of venturing out on the deck
or walking through fields that are dry.
White fluffy lambs in the green fields,
Lighter mornings and evenings too -
Birds singing louder-
Gardeners busier-
Soon I'll be out there ; cleaning and planting.
- Not just yet, as this is the month of March
 And a stormy March has come to stay- 
I'm thinking William Bryant's poem is very apt at the moment:
The stormy March has come at last
with wind, and cloud, and changing skies;
I hear the rushing of the blast
That through the snowy valley flies
I know climate change is a reality but it is interesting to read in Edith Holden's nature notes from 1906 ~
"Mar 25. Showers of snow and sleet.  Quite a heavy snow storm in the afternoon"
Very similar conditions with snowfalls and weather warnings for the Midlands tonight.  Not much has changed in 113 years!
Hopefully as March moves into April we won't get too many of those April showers, but will see more sunshine.
By then the pretty crocus will be long gone, but there pleasant appearance will get me through the days of gray and wet and mud ;) 
 Crocus of yellow, new and gay;
Mauve and purple, in brave array;
Crocus white Like a cup of light, -
Hundreds of them are smiling up,
Each with a flame in its shining cup,
By the touch of the warm and welcome sun
Opened suddenly Spring's begun!
Dance then, fairies, for joy, and sing
The song of the coming of Spring


  1. Spring in England sounds similar to WA. Glimpses here and there, like a promise xox Clarice

  2. That is such a lovely post. I love crocuses very much - such an evocation of Spring for me. I am reminded of a hymn we used to sing in Sunday School - At Easter Time (the crocus to the sky looked up) xx

  3. Oh I loved this post. You are far ahead of us there in the Midlands with your daffies and all, but we compare in snow. Ours is now melted, but snow can be in the forecast for a couple of months yet.


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