Friday, 5 April 2013

Running with Dogs

Canicross is a sport my daughter competes in; you either run with a dog in harness or cycle with a dog in harness. Animals, runners and cyclists all have a wonderful time; sometimes it can be relaxed running, but oh my goodness, if you have a dog that pulls, you have to work hard to keep up with them.

Our little canine girl loves being outdoors and enjoys taking part in this sport,as do all the dogs.
However she seems to get bored if you make her do too many races over a weekend.  Sometimes Only daughter borrows friends' dogs to compete in different races.


Over the easter weekend we went down to Wales  and stayed in Pembrokeshire where there was a weekend of races. We stayed in a BnB and were able to do a little exploring of Burry port which has it's beginnings dating back to 1850.  There is a Millenium coastal path which stretches about 25 miles. The beautiful sandy beach stretches for miles, offering sea views that I just love

Pembrey Sands has a not so pleasant past however,  and many ships have had their final resting place here. Some have been accidents but it is said many were lured to their doom deliberately to provide plunder for the wreckers known as ‘ Gwyr-y-Bwelli Bach’ or ‘The Men of Little Hatchets’. They were named after the locally made tool, a hatchet incorporating a claw for ripping open cargo and equally useful for dispatching unwanted witnesses to the wreckers activities.  Thankfully this is now only a distant memory.

Can't visit Wales without eating some of their cakes 

I enjoy doing road trips with my two girls ( daughter and dog ;) ) and we've seen quite a bit of England together and had lots of fun.
Every year there are European championships and it was in the UK for 2012.
Only Daughter and I had such fun; we hired a motorhome and drove down for the weekend long competition.
I must say I could get used to the idea of travelling in a motorhome! may have to be a retirement project though.

Note to self.......

Focusing on Christ puts everything into perspective