Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Cotswolds...what more can I say

If you know and love the Cotswolds you sigh as you think of the idyllic villages.  For those of you who do not know the Cotsworld of England , they are a prominent range of limestone hills running over 50 miles.
Cotswold stone is warm and pearly and seems to glow with absorbed sunlight.

We are only just over an hour away by car and have decided to do some of the circular walks on the Cotswold Way.
"The Cotswold Way is not just a long distance path for long distance walkers. A short walk anywhere along its length will lead you right to the heart of the country's most beautiful and varied landscapes and introduce you to just what the Cotswolds have to offer. From bustling market towns to sleepy villages, from windswept hill tops to sheltered woodlands, from the wildflower-rich grasslands of summer to the unhindered views of winter, a walk one day will never be the same as the next." ~ Cotswold Way Circular walks.

 The village of Stanton was our first choice.  It is a beautifully untouched village with a very good walk; not too strenuous but some good inclines, lovely crassy hills and bautiful views.

The village Stanton is untouched by the tourist industry and sits nestled in a time frame of it's own.  No shops, although a bit of retail therapy is always welcome, keeps this village tranquil for walkers to do what they do best.
The honey-coloured stone houses are a delight and I noticed a dog friendly BnB which we will have to try out one day.
The weather was dry which was a big bonus as rain and muddy walks are quite common for this time of year.
It was still cold enough though for a welcoming fire (and of course a plate of steaming chips) at the end of the walk.
How pleasant to find a dog friendly pub in the village. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, and the doggie patrons were well behaved. There is a lovely deck overlooking the village which will be very good in the warmer months.  I think we will definitely be walking in these parts again.


  1. What a beautiful walk. I have read of those walks (some long) from one B&B to the next. It sounds like fun, especially if you are a nature lover. Those chips look yumm.

  2. Ohh Ann I am soo jealous. But thank you for sharing, it is so beautiful xox Clarice

  3. So lovely! And I love the stone. What a beautiful color.


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