Friday, 22 October 2010

The Changing Seasons..........

I seems like it was just yesterday that we discovered a new walk along the towpaths during the summer,and here we are well into autumn....that wonderful "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness....."

So I'll take a walk down memory lane of the past three months...........

And then there where blackberries beginning to form, I love this side of English countryside, where berries can be picked while out walking.

Puppy gets introduced to blackberries, and she doesn't need much pursuading to help herself to sweet morsels. She seems to know which are the ripe, sweet ones to eat :)

There were numerous flowers galore and one of my favourites,the little orange flower, is a scarlet pimpernel.

Soon there were more berries and then the wet weather brought on the mushrooms and toadstools. I've yet to master the art of mushroom identification which my sister and young niece are so good at.

I love this shot of the fallen oak leaves and enjoyed collecting fallen branches to decorate the entrance at home for the fall season.

The pumpkin idea is thanks to a friend who suggested them on her blog and gives a good tutorial here
For everything under Heaven
There is a time and season
Given by God with a purpose
As well as a simple reason.

Note to self.......

Focusing on Christ puts everything into perspective