Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Mother's Day

We have never made much of the specific day set aside for mother's or father's day and have rather promoted ongoing appreciation for one another.  I am not against it, I just feel it is not needed for me.

However, whatever day it is I enjoy knowing how much my children think of me.  I never doubt their love and appreciation, but the small mementos and gifts that come my way as a token of their love are always treasured.

My daughter wrote the most beautiful tribute to me for mother's day this year:
To my dearest Mother
Happy Mother's day. You are the best.
You,ve taught me so much -
about life, love and being myself.
You've supported me in every wildida I've ever had.
You've picked me up when I've fallen down.
You've always been my sounding board, and my number ! fan.
Thank you for every sacrifice you've made.
Love you!

 The card my son chose for them to give me, was just right and his message was heart warming.

"Sincerely, I do not know where I would be without you.
        To you my mommy, with all my love"

Prince Charles apparently still calls the Queen Mommy. I love it when a man can do that.

Although we have long past the days of homeschooling and caring for young children, I have recently picked up Seasons of a Mother's Heart, by Sally Clarkson.

"A mother's life is a whirlwind of seasons,
changing from one to another without much warning,
and then to another the next day."

It is bittersweet to see the relationship with my own dear mother change.  She is in a season of depending on me.  Sometimes the days are very hard and I want to run away, but there is a love a mother has, so strong it sometimes has to be transferred to the one who first did the mothering.

This is definitely a new season for me as I continue to support my adult children as they find the path God has chosen for them, and care for my mother whose life has now slowed down  requires support and encouragement to keep up the good fight.

This precious lady has lived her life serving her family and now it is our turn to serve her.
She has built her home on love and commitment, I cherish the lessons she has taught me being a mother


  1. Happy Mother's Day. Or do you say Happy Mothering Day? Your family is so sweet. Today happens to be my mom's 83rd (I think) birthday. The quote by Sally Clarkson is spot on! Blessings to you.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. It is tradition to say Mothering Sunday here but my family has always said Mother's Day :)
    Hope your mom had a special day, and wishing you special memories in this season of her life


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