Sunday, 24 January 2010

Memories of a snowy England........

Hubby captured these pics out by the canal. I've never seen the canals frozen over in the 7 years we've lived here

The birds didn't seem perturbed by the snow and ice.

In fact they were the only ones able to brave the iced canal.

There is a lesson to be learned through God's birds and how they will adapt
to their ever changing circumstances.

There is a lesson here for me: to be flexible and adapt to the ever changing circumstances
I find myself in and trust God.

One of my favourite scriptures encouraging me to trust God is Philipians 4:6&7
"Do not be anxious for anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God that transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."

Friday, 15 January 2010

The snow has arrived..........

At last we have some snow worth writing about. It's fallen down south, it's fallen up north, but we in the Midlands kept getting a sprinkling.

And then the snow came and it stayed

Our regular walk along the footpaths through fields

My village road

The early boy catches the fox .........

The fox who live nextdoor are very elusive. We hear them at night but rarely see them. What a treat if you get to meet them early in the morning, while making snowmen.

Unfortunately I was not the eager beaver it was my son who can spend hours outside snapping pics.

These fury neighbours are quite used to the goings on of humans in our village, so are not bothered when you are near by.
The fact that a human was building with snow was no concern as he snuffled and shuffled about sniffing for only he knew.

Time to move on........

And then the fox was gone.......

I would be remiss in leaving out a photo (or two) of the snowman, because it was through him the fox was seen. The first picture reminds me of Anthony Gormley's "Angel of the North". Granted not as large, but *D* would loved to have had the time to make him larger

Thank you darling*D* for letting me share your photographs.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


I've been pondering on the William Barclay quote I have on the top of the page. Being an encourager is very important to me and there is so little of it today. Are we sometimes too busy to notice the need to encourage.

I'm reminded of the reason for choosing a lavender basket as my blog name. The scent is heavenly and has such therapeutic properties. But have you thought how the scent is given off? You have to rub up against it. You have to bruise it and sometimes strip it.

I think sometimes as encouragers this is what we do, we get bruised, but what a pleasure if the aroma coming from me is as heavenly as that from the lavender bush.

1Thessalonians5:11 "Encourage one another and build each other up"

Thursday, 7 January 2010


This blog was begun in 2007 and has seen no growth. What a joy to have a daughter who finds this easy and has taken me by the hand in adding a bit of substance to my blog. Amy you'e a real sweetpea. Thanks for uploading the pics to my blog. Now I have to learn to do this on my own.

A Daughter brings sunshineTo brighten your day

A Daughter brings joyThrough her loving ways

A Daughter is a blessingThat comes from above,

A special and beautiful treasure to love.

Note to self.......

Focusing on Christ puts everything into perspective