Saturday, 2 March 2013

Song of the weather.....

It all seems rather dull and gray when the snow has melted. It is that time of year when England is very dull and it often creeps its way into our own moods. This is a time of year when I struggle living in England.  South African winters have blue skies and sunshine!  Who am I kidding; the east coast of South Africa does not have winter, it just has cooler weather during the months from June to August!
However, this is my home and has been now for a decade, so it is over to theWinter's of England: I tend to want to hibernate at this time, but somehow we get through it. A lot of complaining will be heard, but afterall this is England. The English talk about the weather!
           January brings the snow
           Makes your feet and fingers glow

On those rare occasions when the snow settles and transforms everywhere into a little Narnia, then we can enjoy the outdoors again.  This year we had a bonus with snow staying around for more than a week. I mean lovely white snow that you could enjoy walking, or playing in.

Our dog enjoys racing around in the snow,
then cuddles up swaddled in warmth
February's Ice and sleet
                                          Freeze the toes right off your feet
Of course, eventually the rain came and now the cold.
Yes for England it is cold! 
But it is not for long, already the forced daffodils are in the shops, the snowdrops in our village have appeared and there are a couple of glimpses of primrose.

The snowdrops have appeared.

We have now moved into March.  I would like to think it will be getting better, after all there is the promise of spring all around us.  Even the birds seem to have increased their singing in the mornings.

However, I think the poet speaks from experience; when checking my Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, nothing seems to have changed. However I hope we don't have as much rain as Edith Holden had back in March of the 19th Century.
                                   Welcome March with wintry wind
                                     Would thou wer't not so unkind
There will be sunshine this month but still many mornings of hard frost and a wind that can chill the bones.


  1. I always think that a "wet cold" is the bone-chilling-est type of cold. We've been very dry here, hardly any snow at all. It's a bit depressing without the snow since snow means run-off for reservoirs and creeks. Maybe we'll get some wet snows yet. I'm hoping.


  2. I'll send some of our gentle snowfallls to you Jody ;)x


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