Friday, 22 October 2010

The Changing Seasons..........

I seems like it was just yesterday that we discovered a new walk along the towpaths during the summer,and here we are well into autumn....that wonderful "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness....."

So I'll take a walk down memory lane of the past three months...........

And then there where blackberries beginning to form, I love this side of English countryside, where berries can be picked while out walking.

Puppy gets introduced to blackberries, and she doesn't need much pursuading to help herself to sweet morsels. She seems to know which are the ripe, sweet ones to eat :)

There were numerous flowers galore and one of my favourites,the little orange flower, is a scarlet pimpernel.

Soon there were more berries and then the wet weather brought on the mushrooms and toadstools. I've yet to master the art of mushroom identification which my sister and young niece are so good at.

I love this shot of the fallen oak leaves and enjoyed collecting fallen branches to decorate the entrance at home for the fall season.

The pumpkin idea is thanks to a friend who suggested them on her blog and gives a good tutorial here
For everything under Heaven
There is a time and season
Given by God with a purpose
As well as a simple reason.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Summer time - London cont....

Of course the best part about D being in London meant A & myself could have a leisurely two days in the city. It was a really special time for us browsing, discovering, laughing and making special memories. We visited the Modern Tate art gallery, took in a show at the theatre, watched street performances and enjoyed the culture that is London.

watching the changing of the guard

Popping into the new Apple store, which is quite something with its spectacular glass staircase.
Just as we left the store Amy received a call to say she had just got a job with Apple :)

Covent Gardens market, and stopping off for coffee
Chasing the tardis around London at the end of the weekend, getting stuck in London's traffic and at last finding it. For those of you who are not familiar with "Dr. Who" a British series, the tardis is a sight all fans can't miss.

The end to a perfect weekend away

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Summer time - London

I was able to spend a couple of days in London with A & D. D is very into Parkour and was in London for a 2 day workshop with many of the founders of Parkour. He had a very busy and challenging time but thoroughly enjoyed himself and got to work with Sebastian Foucon.
They seem a great group of young men and women who follow this discipline and it's another great excuse to visit London

It's great to see young people promoting healthy lifestyles and using the surrounds in the city to develop fitness and self discipline.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Summer time - Lynmouth cont......

It's been a busy summer and we seem to have done a fair amount of being out and about.
I can't really say I have a favourite as there have been special memories for each.
We had a good family holiday with all of us together in a riverside house. Hubby, daughter and son,Nana and of course the dog :)
How apt to stay in a home filled with lavender.

Skye (the dog ) had great fun with A & D

Mmmm family fun, lots of walking and morning Cuppachino

Monday, 9 August 2010

Lovely Lynmouth

The Victorians were very fond of seaside holidays and the many walks through Lynmouth, North Devon, England have them to thank for their existence. How thankful I am too be able to walk the same paths cut out 100's of years ago.
Lynmouth is a delightful village set on the coast and linked by cliff rail to the town of Lynmouth.
There is a wonderful walk following the river to a National Trust Tea Garden at Watersmeet where you can have a scrumptious cream tea. It rained the day we walked but normally you can sit in the garden and have the Robins join your table for sweet morsels.

Where the waters meet........

Thursday, 1 July 2010

What have I been up to......

The past 6 weeks have been an exciting and busy time for me which culminated in a performance at the above venue......the Birmingham Symphony Hall. But I'm moving ahead of myself; it all began with a phone call from a past employer asking me to stage direct a production being put on by the local music services. A grant had been awarded by the arts council and a commission given for a musical to be written. My job was to recruit the actors and direct the play which incidently linked the entire performance of a 500 strong children's choir, three children's dance groups, an orchestra and group of 8 actors. The script was in serious need of editing so the choreographer and I spent a morning together rewriting and adapting the original script. Actors were recruited from the participating schools and I was able to obtain emploment for two of my ex-students.
Rehearsals were sparce and disjointed, but it all came together with
a full rehearsal last Friday.
This was the first opportunity all the different departments would be seeing each other. Staff and students alike were so committed to the project and worked very well together. We then met again on Monday with the full company at the Symphony hall.
The amazing thing was the children were not at all daunted by the sheer size of this magnificant hall, they just took it all in their stride and carried on regardless. We spent a few hours rehearsing in the morning, had a dress rehearsal in the afternoon and performed the world premiere of The Voice Thief in the evening.
My little band of actors were a delightful group to work with and didn't take long to bond. One of the choir masters was recruited to play the villain. Jake was such an invaluable team member as he helped coach the actors who would also be singing.
What a previlege it was to be a part of this production; to be doing something I love and to be paid for it. God is good.

Note to self.......

Focusing on Christ puts everything into perspective