Saturday, 1 May 2010

Our Waterways

I love the Waterways of England and here in the West Midlands we have many canals. It is a slow and peaceful existence and often think Greg and I should retire to a canal boat one day
A short way from home we have canals to walk alongside. The waterways here are quiet at the moment with the weather still warming up.

It is a peaceful walk with green pastures and the odd spinny along the way.
Often we see pathways cut into the undergrowth and wonder who or what makes the path worn.
The first photo looks narrow enough to be a fox's pathway. The second looks so inviting, you want to jump the fence and become a part of the undergrowth.

Spring is here in it's many forms: The birds chirped and sang their songs as we walked I saw the bluebells are beginning to show.
Perhaps we'll go on a bluebell walk this coming Bank holiday, as
there is nothing like walking through an ocean of bluebells.
More than anything, these walks are special to me as they are the memories that bind us together as a family.

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  1. Ann,

    This looks absolutely lovely! I'd like to go for a walk here someday.

    Joyce (from the Coffee Shoppe)


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