Monday, 9 August 2010

Lovely Lynmouth

The Victorians were very fond of seaside holidays and the many walks through Lynmouth, North Devon, England have them to thank for their existence. How thankful I am too be able to walk the same paths cut out 100's of years ago.
Lynmouth is a delightful village set on the coast and linked by cliff rail to the town of Lynmouth.
There is a wonderful walk following the river to a National Trust Tea Garden at Watersmeet where you can have a scrumptious cream tea. It rained the day we walked but normally you can sit in the garden and have the Robins join your table for sweet morsels.

Where the waters meet........


  1. Ann,
    I have your blog in my reader, so I was delighted to see that you had a post this morning! Yeah! Glad to see that you are taking time for leisure! Great photos! Is that a british robin?...they are my favourite bird! Was this a family vacation? I know how you love the water! So happy for you!
    Joanne in Ontario

  2. Oh so good to connect Joanne. Thank you for visiting. I've promised myself I will post more regularly......;)
    It was a family vacation and I'm going to add a bit more about it.
    The Robin in English and they are the sweetest birds around. My Mom's friend hand feeds the wild Robin with eelworm. Hope you are all well. I'll pop over to your blog for a visit. xx


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