Monday, 13 September 2010

Summer time - London cont....

Of course the best part about D being in London meant A & myself could have a leisurely two days in the city. It was a really special time for us browsing, discovering, laughing and making special memories. We visited the Modern Tate art gallery, took in a show at the theatre, watched street performances and enjoyed the culture that is London.

watching the changing of the guard

Popping into the new Apple store, which is quite something with its spectacular glass staircase.
Just as we left the store Amy received a call to say she had just got a job with Apple :)

Covent Gardens market, and stopping off for coffee
Chasing the tardis around London at the end of the weekend, getting stuck in London's traffic and at last finding it. For those of you who are not familiar with "Dr. Who" a British series, the tardis is a sight all fans can't miss.

The end to a perfect weekend away

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  1. Oh what fun!! Brings back 2005 memories when Grace and I were there.

    My kids got hooked on Dr. Who this summer. An English prof introduced S. to it in one of his classes and they've been Who Junkies ever since. I'll show S&J the pics.



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