Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Somewhere in Shropshire....

There is something about wooden stiles in England that are such a representation of the freedom we have here. The fact that we have open passage through farmlands  always amazes me.
We have enjoyed these walks into the heart of the country as the children were growing and now as adults, especially with a cocker who loves the freedom of these byways.

A stile always gives one the promise of something unexpected on the other side. Come with me on a walk through the Shropshire countryside and see what we will see.
Passing by a rural cottage 

And next we pass through shade and overhanging branches
The path begins to go uphill

 Boys stopping to admire their surroundings as we come across a stream
A very happy pup


  1. Such a fabulous walk!! Wish I had streams in Bacton wood! i do have them around me but not as lush as yours!! Thanks for the walk, very enjoyable!! :)

  2. Such a beautiful place you live and so very green and lush. And no snakes, right? Sweet sleepy doggie looks so cute in his red sweater! :)


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