Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas traditions

I'm linking up with Lucky Snapping everyone is sharing Christmas traditions.    My children now in their early twenties love to  keep the traditions alive. Traditions that we started when they were young

A Christmas tree is always chosen together: we like to go to our local Christmas tree farm to choose just the right one, which is generally too big for the space we have. 
I think we made a good choice this year.

We decorate the tree together and each year I buy a new decoration for each of them. They have quite a collection now.  What I like about this is one day when they have homes of their own I will go on a spending spree and stock up with new decorations. For now I am content to use the children's decorations and keep them at home for longer.
We buy a new Christmas book every year and it will be read on
 Christmas eve as we cuddle in the sitting room around the fire burning in the hearth. 

I have quite a collection now and although most of the stories are children's stories we love to browse through them over the Christmas season.
Only son always makes a wreath with the greenery he cuts from our neighbours garden. The neighbour is in agreement of course.  It is always a gamble each year as to whether we will get the wreath before Christmas eve.  Normally it just makes it in time for the last week leading up to Christmas, although I'm not so sure this week. He also makes delicious shortbread

Only daughter makes light and fluffy cup cakes

It is a wonderful season of year that we cherish, spending time together, singing carols going to church and rejoicing over the birth of Jesus

For unto us a child is born
And his name will be called Wonderful,
counsellor, Mighty God,
 Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace


  1. Hello Annie, It is lovely to see you posting on Lucky Snapping.
    I love Lavender and use the oil lots

  2. Our married children have taken their Xmas ornaments and so my supply is slowly dwindling, but I have decided to buy myself a new ornament each year. Your goodies look scrumptious.

  3. What lovely traditions and love the book idea. So good to read that your children still take part fully. xx


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