Thursday, 14 January 2010


I've been pondering on the William Barclay quote I have on the top of the page. Being an encourager is very important to me and there is so little of it today. Are we sometimes too busy to notice the need to encourage.

I'm reminded of the reason for choosing a lavender basket as my blog name. The scent is heavenly and has such therapeutic properties. But have you thought how the scent is given off? You have to rub up against it. You have to bruise it and sometimes strip it.

I think sometimes as encouragers this is what we do, we get bruised, but what a pleasure if the aroma coming from me is as heavenly as that from the lavender bush.

1Thessalonians5:11 "Encourage one another and build each other up"


  1. I love the word picture you've created with lavender needing to be bumped, bruised or brushed against to emit it's sweet scent.

  2. Thanks Jody :)
    New Moon tonight, so I hope it clears up. Then I'll be seeing you ;)


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